Tuesday, 27 January 2009

writers blog

Hi guys,

Many thanks to all my fans out there, especially the girls, like Tory and Julia, showing that girls can like blogs....

I woke up today with a weird feeling in my shoulder, i think it was because i slept on it, but you never know as i cant witness myself sleeping.....Maybe i should keep skype on tonight and let will watch me sleep to solve the problem...This though does sound a bit gay and a bit odd. But Skype does bring out the weird moments like when Will skyped me and he was in bed with Julia, i wont say what happened after but it was disturbing but at the same time mildly arousing.

I then went into Uni and had my first seminar on Globalisation, i had to introduce the girl next to me to the group. Her name was Neeb and she was from South London, studying Politics and Sociology, her fasicnating thought for the day was that public transport in London is better than it is in Leeds. This was really amazing to hear as i agree and made me feel like i wasnt alone in this city of only buses...
Maybe in future blogs Neeb will become more prominant but at the moment that all i have about her so FUCKING ACCEPT IT OK

Tonight im going to the pub to watch the football and drink lots of Beer with the lads..Love the Lads but makes me miss Will and James the real lads in my life, well one of them anyway ( Will cant down a pint, and James is a fake football fan, so they are both shit)

Oh yeah one other thing, my seminars have been moved due to a gaza invasion. This means i have to walk an extra 5 minutes to a replacement room. So i say this only once get out of Botany House gaza protesters, as i wont walk 5 mins extra again, i have a unfit body to look after and i dont want to ruin it!!!!

This is all i have at the moment as Writers blog has hit me hard, i cant shake it and starting to doubt if it will ever go. I will speak to Josh, who is a far more experienced Blogger than me, also read his blogs about his travels they are genuinely really good and i think theres a link to them somewhere on this page!!!


bye bye and i will write a blog later drunk, which will be funnier and ruder about will. Which is what we all look for in a good blog.

Monday, 26 January 2009

How does a Penguin make pancakes ?

That is the joke currently on my Penguin bar. The answer will be at the end of the blog to keep you interested and so that you don't leave to read Josh Davis's blog on Ladyboys in the fareast..... Anyway my name is Max and I study at Leeds Univesity, today was fun cos i got pappapappapapaprazzzzied because Chelsea Davy was walking near me, soon to be future Princess in my Kingdom. That is about as intresting as my days get at uni, cos normally i am sleeping or on skype with William Davis aka Will aka Melon..... I feel like i should talk about him as he is the one who made me write this boring thing, he is at Cambridge Univesity studying History, he has made a select group of friends mainly Women. This is intresting because he is a Man and yet he hangs out with Women the whole time, maybe this is due to his lack of facial hair......Anway he is amazing and got a sexay girlfriend who he has to look at on Skype everynight as she is in America, although probably has some benefits, wouldnt it be great in real life if you could pause a girl or you're girlfriend! ( DISCLAIMER: CONTRARY to rumours they didnt meet on World of Warcraft, and have spoken in the flesh!)

Anyway i am about to go to bed as i got up early this morning to see Andy Murray fail in the Australian Open, which was really sad and depressing....he got beaten by Verdasco who is a good left hander with potential to become a good player, to be honest very much like me. Also today i had a lecture on Globalisation, which was great, but i was put off because my coca cola was making a really weird buzzing noise, it was like there was a bee in it, totally fucking crazy.

Oh yeah finally i love food, today i had a bacon and sausage sandwich which was great but lacked enough ketchup, which was annoying and made me realise how important ketchup is in life and how like global warming we shouldnt ignore it.....Then i had a Chicken tikka pannini thing which was so buff and had the great balance of Mayonaise and Chilli sauce, a relationship so perfect that Tony Blair and Barack Obama should look to it for advice on how to solve the middle east crisis......

Ok bye im bored and tired, but if anyone does like this and think its ok i may carry on....If not i may do Twitter as i have the best name ever for my twitter, twitonmyface add me or poke me or twit me!!!!

oh yeah :

With its flippers.....