Wednesday, 13 January 2010

one ham and cheese bloguette please

Im back better and bigger than has been almost a year since i last blogged...i guess i was the equivalent of anthrax in the blogging world, lot of potential to dominate the world, but couldnt even kill a postman. ANYWAY 2010 big year for me and the world, im going to South Africa and then to University in America in Pennsylvania if im not killed by a crazy south african at a traffic junction, i will be killed in a lecture on femminism by some emo kid who hasnt got any in ages.
Today i finished my one exam of the year, lot of people asked me after you gonna go out and celebrate, but its kinda hard when you have one exam on the Bay of Pigs ( not even one of the REALLY big events of the cold war period). I consider it like a band celebrating a world tour after playing one night at the palludium in blackpool to some pensioners, nothing really to go paint the town red about, maybe a light shade of yellow but not red.

Also here is a link to Danny ( my lovely Manc housemate...)who is writing a serious blog about Sociology, so seriously read his, you will get something out of it unlike me where you will get definitely nothing.